1970 - 1981 Firebird Lower Windshield Glass Support Stop Bracket 1970 - 1981 Pontiac Firebird Dash Pad Cover, Choose Material and Color
Our Price: $12.95
Our Price: $54.95
1970 - 1981 Windshield Support Stop Bracket
New lower windshield support stop bracket for your second generation Firebird or Trans Am. Manufactured from stamped galvanized steel with a correct rubber coated glass support surface. Works great for all models. Sold individually, two required per car.

Fits all 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, and 81 models

New 70 - 81 Firebird / Trans Am Dash Pad Cover. Protect or cover up your existing factory dash pad with this new dash pad cover. Choose color and material for a custom look. These are a popular accessory in the sunbelt states to combat the damaging effects of the sun, reduce dangerous sun glare and enhance a vehicle's interior. A proper fitting Custom Dash Cover will soften the plastic look of a vehicle's interior and provide protection to the driver and vehicle dashboard. Custom tailored dash covers offer the best protection and fit. Exclusive zigzag stitch for the best fit and protection. Made with matching thread and binding. All Dash Covers made in the USA from U.S. made materials.
*Choose for Poly-Carpet, Velour or Designer Velour
P#'s are for Poly-Carpet
V#'s are for Velour
A#'s are for Designer Velour
**Made per order and non-refundable. Please allow 7-14 Days for Delivery.
Part Number: DAS-2080
1970 - 1973 Firebird / Trans Am STEEL Front Lower Valance Panel, NEW 1967 - 1981 BLACK CAST ALUMINUM FINNED Pontiac Engine Valve Covers Set
Our Price: $219.95
Sale Price: $189.95
You save $30.00!
Our Price: $149.95
Sale Price: $124.95
You save $25.00!
1970 - 1973 Firebird Steel Front Valance Panel, NEW NEW BLACK EDP COATED Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Bandit Valve Cover Set now ON SALE!
We are proud to announce the availability of our new 70-73 Firebird STEEL / Trans Am Front Valance Panel! These once ultra hard to find steel panels are now ready for you.   Made to exact details for a perfect fit and easy installation.  This new STEEL panel will replace all '70 - 72 lower valance panels, and can be used on late '72 - 73 models that used the plastic front valance. Order your new all STEEL Valance Panel Today!!

Fits all 70, 71, 72, and 73 Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am model

Part Number: SHE-2134
NEW BLACK CAST ALUMINUM FINNED Pontiac Valve Cover Set now ON SALE! Perfect fit for your Firebird or Trans Am. Premium quality black finished and finned for a killer look! Great fit and design. Sold in a pair only, without drippers. Exact fit for all V8 engine sizes 301, 326, 350, 400, 421, 428, 455, H.O. and Super Duty. These covers fit 1959-1981 Pontiac V8 engines. There is one breather hole in each cover. Inner Dimensions: 2-3/4" Height. 19-1/4" Long. 4-3/8" Wide. Sold as a pair only.

Part Number: ENC-2203
1967 Firebird Walnut Woodgrain Center Dash Ash Tray, 9789415 1970 - 1975 Formula Dual Snorkel Ram Air Cleaner with Lid
Our Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $84.95
You save $5.00!
Our Price: $399.95
1967 Firebird Walnut Woodgrain Dash Ash Tray, 9789415
1967 Firebird Walnut Woodgrain Dash Ash Tray, 9789415

Dash ash tray for 1967 Firebird models replaces original GM # 9789415. The ash tray face features a simulated horizontal walnut grain. Designed to match the center dash panel as original. This 67 Pontiac Firebird dash ashtray assembly includes the correct horizontal walnut woodgrain as original. Each ash tray will replicate the original and can be installed with deluxe or standard interiors.

Part Number: DAS-2056
New dual snorkel functional ram air breather assembly.  Exact fit for all 70 - 75 Firebird Formula models.  Includes correct pre-welded hose clips on the bottom and black lid.

Part Number: AIR-2044

Today's Super Deal!

1977 - 1981 Trans Am Shaker Hood Scoop Rear Flapper Assembly

Our Price: $54.95
Replace your original Shaker Hood Block Off Plate with this functional flapper.  This flapper kit with allow fresh air to flow into the shaker hood scoop when the carburetor pressure is high or you are running at high speeds.  This flap is only activated by pressure.  The pressure produced by the carburetor will open the flap and close once the gas pedal is release.  Order this amazing flapper kit today

*Fits all 1977 - 1981 Trans Am shaker hood scoops, will NOT fit the early production short 77 hood scoop.

Part Number: SHE-2540B

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